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Styrofoam materials market performance under COVID-19 economy

CoronaVirus Disease 2019 as black swan accidents effect everyone’s life, all the world and all the industrial activities.

We are professional supplier of CNC foam cutting machine,styrofoam cnc router and eps cutter from China,these machines are for styrofoam insulation slabs,structural foam moldings,foam advertisement,foam carvings etc.We are typical example for speaking of COVID influence for Styrofoam materials industries.We give you some info on the Styrofoam view only.
As the WHO organization declared the CoronaVirus Disease 2019 as global epidemic disease,infection numbers are still increasing in 2020.People prefer to stay at home and reduce the social activity,The domestic and international journey are reducing a lot and industrial production are at minimum level.The market of styrofoam insulation and foam structural moldings are shrinking.So,the making machine for these foam products are shrinking too.
The influence of COVID-19 event is not apparent in the end of 2019,it is obvious in the April of 2020.Business are closed at global level.We see people active on internet but the inactive offline.The vessels at ocean are less and less cargoes are there.The only booming line is medical products like face masks and disinfectant etc the like.
The application of the cnc foam cutting machine is for structural decorative moldings,foam advertisement,foam package and all foam decorations etc which are to be seen in industrial and structural lines,these lines are more or less  effected by the COVID-19 disease.So,we will see the cnc foam cutter business going on under low level.
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