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Analysis of competition products for eps cutting machines from China

As a member of eps machine market,we can often see different models of eps cutting machines for eps insulation board,We compare and choose one model from these models.The article comes with the purpose of suggesting buyers for choosing the best suitable models.

We can see three popular models for eps cutting machines in the picture: one the the integral eps cutting machine and the other two models are simplified and four column type.Its principle and machine frame is same,they are working with hot wire for melting and cutting the eps foam materials linearly,the voltage transformer can generate the power to high temperature in the nichrome wire.The machine frame are al square metal.And all the three machines have functions of horizontal,vertical and down cutting.Which one is good for you ?Let us talk about the machine difference.
eps insulation cutting machine from China
For the horizontal,vertical and down cutting wires equiped,the integral eps cutting machine and four column type are with same qty and layout for the same size of eps insulation application.Whileas,the simplified eps cutter has only one down cutting wire which is manually operated.It will be less efficiency in down cutting eps board.So,The integral eps cutting machine and four column type eps cutter will be better choice for you as the automation advantage.
As for the manual feeding of eps insulation board,the cutter structure matters.You can see from picture that the open frame design of the integral eps cutting machine is easiest for manual feeding of the heavy eps insulation board before cutting.So,the design of open frame is better for feeding with the integral cutter than the four column type cutter.
One in all,the integral eps cutting machine is better than simplified eps cutter in down cutting function and it is better than four column eps cutter in manual feeding.
The market performance proves that the integral eps cutter is best in the market,the sales champion is the machine,cause it is good in capacity,function,easy operation and good can freely cut in horizontal,vertical and down directions,the wire range can be manually set,so the thickness of eps board can be adjusted.
So,we suggest you buy the machine if you are looking for one cutting machine with all functions you need.We can supply the machine,welcome to contact us.
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