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advantage of eps moldings on architecture

There are many different and versatile eps styrofoam models in exterior wall of buildings,including the moldings and models like roman columns,seat and caps,arches,cornice,reliefs,handrill etc.

People use eps styrofoam materials instead of the GRC materials,cause eps materials can have same models of GRC and it is much lighter and cheaper price.We can get most of the models by cnc foam cutting machine ,the machine is CNC machine it can cut 2D and 3D shaped models and styrofoam cnc router on eps materials.
architectural eps moldings
Light wieght
Eps moldings are expanded polystyrene foam materials,it is light weight which is only1/6 of GRC moldings,one labor only is required to move it.
Strong paste
Eps moldings are with mortar to paste with wall,polymer mortar is with glue and cement,which will be long life and strong is safe with proof of many applications.There is no rust and no socket in connections with wall.So,the problem of cold and hot changes are solved.
Different models
It is cut with hot wire by cnc foam cutting machine which is controlled by CNC software,it is drawled as you want it to be drawled with the shapes.So,we can have different shapes of moldings.
Easy installation
It is pasted with cement like glue and it is with 1 labor,it is suitable for mass construction.
No gap
There is no gap between the moldings,because of the special materials into the caracks in daily uses.
advantage of eps moldings
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